What is Black Power? By ZaZa Ali


White power is the United States Government; an entity that serves the best interest of the state even when headed by a Black man. The Federal Reserve is white power. The United Nations, the IMF, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Vatican, the Navy, the Army and Air Force – all institutions of white power.

Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America – all economic extensions of the machine. Wall Street is the headquarters; Standard and Poors’ works behind the scenes to falsify consumer protection; Equifax, Transunion and Experian work diligently to keep the slaves in check. Capitalism is the hallmark of this grandiouse system. Even poor whites who fail to benefit directly marvel at it’s tentacles, understanding that even if if it doesn’t happen this lifetime, their children’s children will eventually collect their inheritance.

MTV is white power. BET is white power. Mad dog 20/20, crack cocaine, marijuana laced with embalming fluid, heroine junkies and Newport 100’s – all remnants of white power. Abortion is white power. (Tell me there is no stronger show of force than to decide who lives and who dies, regardless of reason) Eugenics, AIDS, over sexualizing children, controlling men and women through lust – all methods of organized chaos, all methodologies of white power.

Latinos have their corner to go to and express a need to the world with open arms. Regardless of who will or won’t do unskilled labor for pennies on the dollar, there are safe havens across this country that provide a place to ask for work; the potential of an American dream if they’re willing to work hard enough. People throw that in our faces, like slave labor is still an option. Latino’s know they’ll never build a wall. Who are they going to hire to build the wall?

Latino power is 20 family members in one house, sending leftovers back home to Mexico. Espanol is Latino power. The exponential growth of the Latino population – their power. The world told Black people to stop having children to curb poverty statistics. Then told Latinos that their strength is in their numbers. Being able to check off white on the census bureau, or deciding whether to avoid it altogether, is Latino power. Knowing that if all else fails, you have a home to go back to with a government that looks like you, is power. These things, more than unity and understanding of the political diatribe, is Latino Power.

Asian power is knowing that China is one step away from sinking this whole ship. It is dual citizenship. That power claims Japan, China, Tibet, Korea, Vietnam and other Oriental landscapes. How often do you see orphaned Japanese babies, Chinese crackheads, and alcoholic Asian women? Being expected to be the smartest in the class – Asian power. China town, in every town, Asian power. Nail salons and beauty supplies – Asian power. Monopolizing Black hair care products – Asian power. Having a culture that is admired the world over for ingenuity, technological advancement and groundbreaking discoveries. Asian Power.

I do not claim that the aforementioned do not have their share of problems. China is facing a growing social scandal from a maximum one child policy that is bound to send ripples into future generations, bringing new meaning to social awkwardness. There’s a hellova price to pay when man tries to interfere with the laws of God. Mexico is home to some of the worst drug cartels and gangs in the history of the world; on any given day decapitated heads can be seen on stakes, sending warning shots to the powers that (want to) be. And decedents of European culture, well, we don’t need to waste time running down the list of karmic debt that they’ve racked up over the last 2,000 years, inflicting havoc on indigenous peoples the world over, then doubling back to make sure they pervert what’s left of their own.

What I do claim is that even in the midst of internal upheaval, every other nation of people seems to have clear indicators that their culture is progressing, moving forward in one way or another. White, Asian and Latino powers all share one common thread: they are all united without ever having to call for unity. It’s in the fabric of their cultures to protect their own. Russia and Syria may be at war, but that’s a family fight. This is why no one has lifted a finger to intervene. Imagine Zimbabwe going public, rebuking the behavior of the governments on both sides and threatening military action. Aside from the fact that we can’t even fathom the thought, we all know that the war would quickly pivot from fighting cousins to black vs white. They have the military prowess and we don’t. Again, white power.

I know that melanin pigmentation is a genetic marker of dominance when it comes to the races of the world. Our skin tones, hair follicles and facial features are a safety haven of refuge to the sometimes harsh living conditions of the planet; they are a key component to discovering the secrets of the universe when properly activated. I know that our ancestors left clues – 100,000, 50,000, 10,000… some say millions of years ago. These clues are written in hieroglyphs in Kemet and found in Ancient Pyramids all over the world. I know that black culture, particularly from America, is being copied and emulated in every corner of the planet. We know that Lucy is supposedly the mother of all humanity. We know that Imhotep was a genius and still stands as proof of African potential. We know that the black man and woman are the mothers and fathers of civilization.

The real question is how does any of that equate to black power in 2017? Matter of fact, what is black power? Sure we have the best athletes in the world. Our entertainers are unmatched and our music has defied the odds of what can be produced in laboratories, aka ghettos. But how does any of this equate to power, when black athletes refuse to use their riches to empower their people… entertainers emulate white culture better than most white people… and our music has become one of the most effective weapons in the continuum of our demise.

What is black power, when our children have no clear indication of righteous black man/womanhood?

What is black power when marching, voting, rallying, boycotting and protesting seem to be the only method of resistance? All of which require an oppressor to be enforced?

What is black power, when modern black scholars seem hell bent on hiding behind the accomplishments of our ancestors; opposed to confronting real world inadequacies?

What is black power, when white men utilize weapons of mass destruction on the human psyche, the globe and genetic configuration of melanated people, while black men have cock fights on social media about who has the right to claim leadership over a community that barely exists?

What is black power when the African woman hides her crown of glory in shame, knowing full well that she should be setting the example for women all over the world… yet cannot bare to see it, let alone wear it… having to acknowledge that her men, her children, and the rest of the world do not respect her?

I’m sick of hearing about black power and not seeing it. I’m tired of putting bandaids on gunshot wounds, ala put your money in black banks, boycott Christmas and black Friday and take it to the voting booth. I’m sick of seeing people who look like us make it, then forget about the people who need them most. I’m sick of people talking about moving back to Africa. Cuz when you ask them about the logistics of moving back to Africa, they admit they haven’t built sh*t in America. Which means that they are not ready to move back to Africa.

The question, what is black power is rhetorical. It does not need your answer because we have yet to define what black power is. It’s time for the ancestors to show and prove. It’s time for the elders to show and prove. It’s time for your God – Allah, Yahweh, Oshun, Jesus, Amen Ra, Buddha… Whatever your theological or spiritual reference point… to show and prove. Not like a blast of lightening beaming out of the sky, but by way of your action. By way of your light. By way of your contribution. Its time to disconnect from negros who think they are bigger than the whole.  It’s time to put up or shut up. No more talk about Africa if you are not working with an African mind. No more talk about revolution if you are not evolving. No more pointing your fingers at the masses if you are unable to account for your own behavior. We do not need negros claiming to be leaders acting like ni99az. The time for playing with the salvation of our people is over. Take control of your own post, your own mind, your own heart and your own salvation. Follow Truth. Perhaps we will discover our power. Peace.



12 thoughts on “What is Black Power? By ZaZa Ali

  1. I agree…. #onwardQueen… PS I think it would be a good Look if you sit with Umar & Seti and Speak words of a Queen Maybe they can put away they ego! For a second.. Cause I can see you traveling the World and Speaking Life to the kids at That School… after you Touch the Minds of the Adults First!


  2. Zaza, you touched on every aspect. We need more minds like yours. If I had a Sistah with your consciousness, She and I could grow beyond imagination. I love what you bring and would delight in converse with you. I speak of these topics on a regular basis.


  3. Please look at this child Mabou Loiseau on youtube. We want to create over ten thousand children like her in every major city with African people. She is home schooled by the way.


  4. This is so well expressed and received.

    I’m traveling to Africa in a week, in a desperate attempt to be and do more. Oh, and it’s my birthday. 😊

    There are Setis and Umars the country, regions, states and counties over. In fact, we’re coping with several poverty pimps right here in a mecca of white power, Minnesota. I’m at a sheer loss of how to combat the self-righteous and self-galvanizing groups of black men and women claiming to be the help, whilst claiming paychecks. You’re right…it’s an oppressors mentality and tactics perpetuated by the oppressed. I’m simply sad sis, and often enraged. I want to do nothing more than to call the imposters out, but to what end and where’s the forum?

    My only refuge is to consort with our ancestors (on a tangible level) by visiting the pyramids of Giza…hoping something (anything) will take hold of my spirits purpose here on earth. When I return, I’ve decided to uptake foster parenting as my part in saving our black/African children. Imagine if we all decided on something like this; glacially overthrowing a system of white power by empowering our youth with what we have learned. They are literally our future, and they sit in the hands of the oppressors while we march, rally, and fight for ranking. They’re scared, which makes them vulnerable and receptive…even primed to be the future of black power as a collective diaspora. It sounds far fetched and insurmountable I know, but I’ve got to do something meaningful and lasting that isn’t just a cute catch phrase or symbol on a T-shirt.

    Thank you for using these forums to inspire and affirm that we aren’t alone.


  5. This is a great piece. Helps me to put into perspective exactly what a revolution would look like. I dont want to unite with everyone with melanin, I dont want to throw everyone in the trash either, but i do wonder “what the hell are we fighting for”? Meaning those of us, like yourself, trying to make a difference. What is that difference. Just what are we trying to do here.


  6. Good Day. I just wanted to add a comment on the issue or question posed by Our Powerful Sister Zaza Ali. Although, she instructed that the question did not warrant an answer. However, I’ve decided to use the complex question as an opportunity to promote our great Black ancestor “Dr./Bro. Amos N. Wilson”. I also intend to incite an scientific and intelligent thought resolution. A “Black (Power) way of thinking, critically, objectively, and strategically. Dr. Wilson laid out the completed jump-start plan to obtain Black Power, real Black Power! In Dr. Wilson’s Book, “Blueprint for Black Power,” Dr. Wilson explain’s, “The definitions of power are various and conflicting, and that Power comes with being; with interactive existence; with being alive. It is the essence of life and the motive force of growth and development and of the adaptability of living things to environmental changes and demands. Power refers to the ability to do, the ability to be, the ability to prevail. Beingness and aliveness originate with power”. (pg.5,chapter 1), Blueprint for Black power, A Moral, Political and economic Imperative for the Twenty-First Century,(1998). Therefore, when confronted with assembling an effective Black Power Movement/Community. Sister Zaza brought up many great questions that the entire Afrikan Community need to ponder, if only for the sake of Black (genetic) survival. As Black anxiety heighten since the presidential election of Donald Trump, Blacks have to figure out what is our next move, or do we even have a worthwhile attack. As problems persist within the whole of the Afrikan Community, “scientific” separation has to be acknowledged and intelligently implemented. As our warrior Queen Zaza has mentioned previously (on YOUTUBE video), that it may not be in the best interest of the Black Community to integrate with even our own kind until an All Black agenda has been established, dissected and effectively mobilized. However, mobilization has to be carried out by the most qualified individuals under the protection and financial backing, legal representation, and whomever else that may impose a valuable/intelligent presence, all intellectual weaponry must be launched at every angle that is accessible and/or vulnerable. By every means available, politically, economically, morally, etc. The 5% of the 5% percent have the take the reins of the confused and desperate and weary peoples of the Afrikan Amerikan Community, therefore, a scrutinizing process has to be established and acted upon by a council of qualified and elected elder committee. This is how the Afrikan has to understand a collective world view. Roles must be established and recognized as an effective asset to the cause, otherwise, sabotage (to the revolutionary movement or propulsion of the movement) is the only motive to be rendered, and acted upon swiftly. Misrepresentation of expected Roles can have a significant, crucial and deterrent impact on the supporters needed and required to accomplish any real power moves, goals or Black initiatives towards any true progress. Soldiers are soldiers, journalist are journalist, historians are historians, thinkers are thinkers, and so on and so on, yet Blacks have the solutions right before them in this day and time. And finally, Dr. Amos Wilson always expressed that it is going to take some intelligent, strategic and cunning manipulation to influence or convince Black America to distinguish truth from false-hood. Sister Zaza please continue to bring the Spirit of Dr. Francis Cress Welsing as I will Bring the Spirit of Dr. Amos N. Wilson and His Completed Blue for Black Power to obtain real Black Power. Thanks for allowing me to Comment. Dwight Roane.


  7. Who’s ZaZa Ali? and what does she stand for. I know nothing about ZaZa Ali other than what I first learn on Doctor Boyce Watkins. I would like to know more about you.


  8. That is really powerful. Well written and overdue. Maybe one of the pillars of freedom is having own currency based on gold and silver instead of fiat currencies. Next step is people disengaging from television and so called media.


  9. Love and peace greetings, I am having a problem trying to sign up for the Alchemy women’s retreat. Thank you hotep vibrations


  10. I read the the article on “Black Power” and I must admit was amazed at how you articulated in such a insightful way. I love to talk to you about any contribution I can make to bring change to a very needful situation in our community. I touch on a few subjects in my last book, “Dark Journey To Blackness” deal with the past, present and future. Sisters like you only existed in the 60’s and 70’s , but I see that you guys are still going “hard in the paint”. I was wondering if you were going to be on the west coast anytime this year? It would be an honor to meet you. I must confess there are few far in between sister that can make me stop and take notice and you are one. I pray blessings and health find you well. May our paths one day cross after the rising of the sun. May your voice continue to echo trues that will turn a nation on it’s axes and change for the betterment of all people. It seems like a dream in another life time. But I believe in the power of WORDS. Until we meet some day, it’s been my pleasure in hearing the sounds of revolution for change, but first there must be evolution that leads to revelation, and once we got it and caught the vision, then we can see real change. Peace and love. Ron B.


  11. Their is no such thing as Black Power
    only Power to the Human Race this
    country will be such a melting pot in 20
    or more years race won’t be a factor to
    most Americans only to the ones who make it an issue.


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