Nicki Minaj & Harvey Weinstein – An Interesting Paradox by ZaZa Ali


You can tell the difference between a Queen and a concubine. Well at least at one point in time you could. Today our perspectives on what constitutes womanhood seem cloudier than ever. Barbie, aka Nicki Minaj, put out a series of photos from a recent spread in paper magazine, for what I can only assume is promotion for an upcoming album and to “break the internet”. And just like that, the hoe (whore to be politically correct) culture scored another point for the home team. If that sounds raunchy to you, imagine the impact of the visuals on the minds of young people around the world. I know, I know, sex sales. And this my friends, is a perfect litmus test to differentiate a true musician from a genetically modified pop icon. The fact that Nicki continues to display behavior normally reserved for starving artists takes nothing away from her lyrical abilities or work ethic. It’s her decisions that have me scratching my head.

Minaj 1

I don’t talk or walk soft, so for those of you readying your fingers to accuse me of slut shaming, be my guest. A woman who identifies herself as a slut is already overdue for a reality check. A society that embraces slut culture needs redirection. American culture, particularly Black American culture, needs a rude awakening.

There’s been a lot of talk as of late, and rightfully so, of rape culture. The recent events surrounding Harvey Weinstein and others have placed a blaring spotlight on the misogynistic infrastructure of Hollywood. Every other day secrets are coming out of the closet, tearing the veil from a dirty secret that the whole world has known forever, yet taken no action to prevent. Women and girls are seen as play things; second class citizens; undeserving of protection and respect, even in their ignorant and/or most vulnerable states.

Rape culture is defined as “a society or environment whose prevailing social attitudes have the effect of normalizing or trivializing sexual assault and abuse”. We know Weinstein is a creep. We know his type are found in boardrooms, rap lyrics, and every spectrum of pop culture. We have ions of time to dissect the who, what, when, where, why and how’s of his kind. Today I want to talk about women. I want to talk about our subconscious embrace of rape culture and the perverted mindset that’s been born as a result.

Making a public spectacle of yourself in compromising sexual positions, in front of the world, is a contribution to rape culture. Regardless to how beautiful the makeup, fancy the clothes, high profile the photographer; it’s trashy and dangerous. While millions of young girls look up to Nicki for her playful lyrics, it must not be taken lightly that she has amassed global success pretending to be a Barbie doll; another cultural icon belonging to the elementary and pre-teen stages of girlhood. So, let’s be clear – this is not about freedom of speech or disallowing women the opportunity to take control of their sexuality. This is about using symbolism to sell sex to vulnerable children. And not just sex I might add – soft porn, minaj a trois, lesbianism (Nicki is not a lesbian), and playful sexual simulations that women in compromising situations would give their lives to break free from.

Minaj 2

Young black girls see themselves in ALL black women. This is why we cheer the Michelle Obamas and Misty Copelands of the world. We know that their success is a representation of what our daughters can aspire to be. Black women are magnetic, even in our madness. Everything we do sets global trends. Why else would women in Sweden pay top dollars to learn how to twerk?

It is irresponsible to continue to endorse women that cater to the lower nature of the human brain, which is fragile enough as is. The “Minaj A Trois” photo shoot is a booster shot into the already promiscuous and overtly sexual culture plaguing black America. Cardi B, Lil Kim, Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian etc., all play their part in staging a perverted notion of success and ideals of what a woman should aspire to be. Instead of using money and fame as a platform to be classy, these women regress the notion of women’s empowerment; glorifying a lifestyle that women around the world are trying to escape… then they have the audacity to complain about not being treated the same as the men in their respective craft.

There are a few things I need for women to understand. Shock factor does not equate to respect. We live in a world that is predicated on normalizing dysfunctional behavior. I’m sick and tired of hearing women complain about male dominated industries, only to carry out the same behavior that keeps men in power over us in the first place. This is not a movement in consciousness for women’s rights; this is weaponizing sexuality. A concept born out of rape, abuse, degradation and demoralization. Many sisters, in their ignorance, now seek to out-man – men. These efforts are futile to a woman that understands her real power is in womanhood. Balance must be restored in our communities so that it trickles down to our children. Women AND men must begin to develop respect for the anatomy and control over our sexual behavior. As women, we cannot objectify ourselves then complain when we get treated like objects. We can’t be sacred and savage at the same time. A boss shouldn’t act like a bed wench. Respect should never be compromised for attention.

We can hone in on the Trump organization, racism, police brutality etc., all we want. But the more we continue to ignore our emphasis on an exasperated, physically propped up – yet soul less version of the black woman, the more perverse her reflection will appear. If what we focus on expands, then we should expect up and coming Nicki’s to be prevalent not only in pop culture, but in middle and high schools as well. We will either accept the challenge of redefining what it means to be a woman and the type of women we glorify, or we can seal the fate of generations to come.

There is a war for the minds and hearts of our children at hand.

Be Mindful.

ZaZa Ali

17 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj & Harvey Weinstein – An Interesting Paradox by ZaZa Ali

  1. Well said. Perfectly written article. She k ows very well young chikdren look up to her and is doing her best to corrupt them.
    What is even more scandalous is her brother was convicted of raping in every degrading way possible his step daughter.
    Its time to boycott these kind if artists men and women. Hit them where it hurts in their pockets.


  2. Eve tge rapper gracefully spoke up about Minaj distasteful article our people insulted her and came after her. All people in the public eye must pay homage to their handlers by nudity. Even black male athletes have stripped for covers of magazines. Its a rite for they worship lucifer. Minaj knows what she is doing and her fans love it sadly. Minaj said in an interview its NOT her job to parent children. Sad state of affairs.
    Nickys hyper sexualised behaviour shows she most likely was abused as a child not an excuse but may shine light on her increasingly vulgar lyrics , shoots, and videos.
    As long as the majority of us embrace her antics she will continue

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  3. Great article.
    Its a spiritual issue light against darkness. Good against bad. God against the evil one.
    Time to choose which side one is on.
    She signed an oath to glorify her master and is keeping her side of the bargain.
    I dont celebrate bad influence nor will expose children to such.
    She needs help coming from an abusive home has affected her life she sold out to satan himself and is now doing his bidding.


  4. As a black woman I do Not see myself in all black women. I and family,friends model good role models not just anyone because they black as in Minajs case i support women like michelle obama, Noella Coursaris my african women making a difference in this world. If we teaching girls just to blindly see themselves in any black celeb woman we have done them a great disservice and betrayed them.
    But it explains the comments from black women defending Minajs pictures rude and vulgar just like their idol Minaj


  5. Very profound article. I have to agree with everything you’ve said. I try to teach and reach out to my younger generation of kin but they only care about what and who is popular.


  6. ZaZa, I really enjoyed your thoughts on this cover. Sadly, these youth are madly confused and think what they do is a form of being a risk taker. Many people who grow up in the Caribbean are very sexual and it plays out in the Dancehall music scene(ex; Twerking), so a lot of the youth love what she’s doing. We can talk about this until our mouths fall off, but these young people as well as their parents have to want to change for the better by themselves. Talk is cheap if it’s not backed up with hard action.

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  7. Nicki is well aware of what she is doing. She works in the godless, satan-worshiping entertainment industry and is allowing them to use her image to encourage young women (and even some older women whom should know better) to be sex-objects under the guise of feminism/sexual freedom. I don’t hate Nicki. I pity her and the rest of the puppet entertainers that have sold their souls for fame and the love of money. I also suspect that Nicki’s photos are a distraction. If she “breaks the Internet” with these photos few people will be paying attention to her brother’s demonic behavior. We are in our last days. We have to stay vigilant and teach our children to do the same.


  8. I honestly don’t see how this would be breaking the internet, considering we’ve ALWAYS seen her in this low condition. I agree with ZA ZA when she stated false power. As black women (Not all) We think our bodies and sexuality is power. This is why, you can go to a park with your daughter… and have a young white boy grab on your butt then comment, “I thought that’s what y’all like.” That happened to me. They’re conditioned to our behavior. Even when you go in a Arabian store.. they assume we’re over-sexed creatures. It extremely hard for me to say that Nicki Minaj is a creative, talented artist because all I see is a woman (If you want to call her that) focusing more on her ass than her brain.

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    1. This is s true i remember ging with a friend to pick something up at her guy friends house. His friends were there log story short he was chasing me round the house till I left they actually believed i was going to have sex with them. I am still offended. Next day I see an Indian man trying to “date” a 13 year old black girl I asked her how old she was she said 13 i told him to bugger off the girl is 13 he did not care. I made sure she left the store. Thanks to these pervert rappers male and female society seems to think all black women and girls are out for it anytime anywhere. Minaj and others have sold us down the river


  9. I recall a black woman an activist (I do not recall her name) please Zaza maybe you read or know about her but she confronted the whole rap industy sadly she passed away. But she hit them where it hurt 50 cents and even Enimen wrote derogatory lyrics about her. We need such women and men today


  10. Looking at the high rates of sexual abuse of black girls then seeing Minaj and others doing their best to degrade black girls/ women is just sad. Then Minaj has the audacity to go on TV and say parents should do their job its not her job to parent a 4 year old makes me annoyed. Parents are or many parents are doing the best they can but when they go into schools or relatives houses as they get older they most likely will be exposed but none of these women ever rap about getting a STD, unwanted pregnancy, emotional issues , rape or any of these issues that are all too real


  11. Zaza. When I first notice nicki in videos she didn’t even look real. Everything was over-exaggerated to what some perverted man may want in a black woman. There are those in power who will keep the twisted ideas of black women in the forefront of society via the media. As long as nicki is getting (paid), she don’t give a damn about little black girls or black women. What do you think they’re gonna have her do for the money?


  12. Well said miss Ali you telll it like it is their is more too life than just getting naked and showing the world your body


  13. This magazine cover caught me by surprised when I saw it in a bookstore. I was like ‘whaaaat?!’ And was offended by what I saw because of it’s lewd and degrading arrangement. To me, this is an insult to women..ESPECIALLY, BLACK WOMEN! This ‘concubine’ attitude is so disrespectful in the light of generations of Black Women before us (and even now) who are women of diginity, intelligence, respect and beauty. I applaud ZaZa for this write up which was WELL SAID and NEEDED TO BE SAID!


  14. This was so well put! It is so disgraceful that the world has come to this. Just glad some of us are aware of the foolery. Queen you are amazing, and please continue to shine your light!


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